Through engaging stories and simple, well-crafted songs, Darren Senn is sure to take you someplace.

Darren is excited for the release of his latest single “Bluebird,” dropping in November ‘23. It’s a song about struggle and hope. “My friend Julie Stanley suggested we make a music video at the place near us where the chickadees eat out of your hand. I thought, that sounds great, but what am I gonna sing? It should be something about birds, I suppose. I changed it to bluebird because I thought that'd be more relatable. Then I dug in and kinda prayed to the bird as a symbol of the universe for guidance. I'm really proud of it and can't wait to let it fly out in the world."

Since releasing the studio album Detrimental Tendencies in 2018, Senn released two singles in 2020 : "Gone Are the Days," which harkens back to the simplicity of childhood, and "Winnemucca," another stripped-down gem taking us on a lonely trip to a Nevada desert town to meet an old high school friend. "It's a painting about the human condition. Not the happiest number, but one of my favorites. A long lost buddy and me were both struggling with alcohol and life and decided to meet up in Winnemucca and drink about it." 

The two singles anchor Senn's latest album, Nothing Comes From Nowhere, released in March, 2021. "Detrimental Tendencies was a blast and I'm very proud of it," he says. "Now, with Nothing Comes From Nowhere, I get back to my sweet spot, delivering songs I hope will pull your heartstrings with just my voice, guitar and harmonica. Of course, having a musical wizard in Martin Shears producing and offering his skills on multiple instruments, I couldn't resist dressing up a couple tracks with full arrangements that I think help capture their essence very well. I'm so excited to share them with the world."

Senn aspires to carry on, in his own style, the magic of master storyteller songwriters like John Prine, Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt. "Nothing Comes From Nowhere is the latest chapter in my quest for self-discovery. I have embraced the journey of finding my own true voice, and take great pleasure mining bits and pieces from the legends. That's one of the reasons I chose this title. These guys have helped guide me to the light."

On performing live, Senn has this to say: "I've always struggled with social anxiety, so it's incredibly gratifying to conquer that; especially to do a solo show and really connect with an audience. That's my most sacred place. I want us all to go on a little trip somewhere when I get on a stage.” 

Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, Darren Senn has resided in Stateline, Nevada (Lake Tahoe) for the past 24 years and plans to keep cranking out folk songs and playing shows until the end of time!