Engaging his audiences with storytelling and simple, yet well-crafted songs, Darren Senn is the folk show you want to see. 

Since releasing the studio album Detrimental Tendencies, then the bare-bones acoustic single "Gone Are the Days," which harkened back to the simplicity of childhood, Senn has another stripped-down gem taking us on a lonely trip to a Nevada desert town to meet an old high school friend: Winnemucca (available everywhere August 27th). "It's a painting about the human condition. Not the happiest number, but one of my favorites. My buddy and I were both struggling with alcohol and life and decided to meet up in Winnemucca and drink about it."

As the world has come to a standstill, Darren has been staying home preparing more songs for eventual release as an EP. "The studio album was a blast and I'm very proud of it, but honestly I find the simplicity and the rawness of writing for solo acoustic to be my sweet spot," he says. "For this EP, which could turn into a full album at this rate, I'm all about the ol' three chords and the truth approach. I'm getting better at performing and delivering my songs too, and I'm so excited to share them with the world. Social media is obviously invaluable right now."

Senn aspires to carry on, in his own style, the magic of the storyteller songwriters like John Prine, Todd Snider and Townes Van Zandt. “What I love most is the ability to connect in a meaningful way with an audience using just an acoustic guitar and some thoughtful words and melodies. That's a really special place for me. I want us all to go on a little trip somewhere when I get on a stage.” 

Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, Darren Senn has resided in Stateline, Nevada (Lake Tahoe) for the past 24 years and plans to keep cranking out folk songs and getting back out to play them live when the time is right.