Learning guitar with me is fun! They call it "playing" music for a reason. Let's not be fooled, however; there are no shortcuts to getting really good at anything worth doing, so dedicated practice and hard work are required, but we can still have lots of fun! 

My approach to teaching starts with a simple question: What do you, the student, want to learn? I like to teach you what will get you the most excited about wanting to practice what you are learning and wanting to come back for more. We can always start with learning that really cool lick or picking sequence, but then we need to learn why it is what it is. I teach the "how" and the "why," so you will have the tools to keep learning on your own and experiencing your personal revelations.

I specialize in acoustic country, folk and blues—both pick style and finger style. 

For rates and to find out if we are a good fit, email me at mailto:darrensenn@darrensenn.com and let's get started having a blast learning to play guitar!

If you have trouble with the email link, just email me directly at darrensenn@darrensenn.com.